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Our families and communities are strong, hardworking, and proud of our multicultural roots. We have the opportunity to build a future where all people are respected and represented, have a good job, our children have access to world class education, and our communities are thriving and healthy. 

I know that together, we can make our vision for our communities a reality.

That’s why my family and I are proud to call Legislative District 22 home. It's why I’m honored to serve as your voice in the Arizona State House of Representatives. 


Ruben Gallego

U.S. Representative, CD3

Anna Tovar_png.png

Anna Tovar

Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission

Kenn Weise_png.png

Kenn Weise

Mayor, City of Avondale

Clorinda Erives_png.png

Clorinda Erives

Vice-Mayor, City of Tolleson & Public School Teacher

Carol Klein_png.png

Carol Klein

Teacher, Legislative District 22

Dr. Rey Rivera_png.png

Dr. Rey Rivera

President, Estrella Mountain Community College

Martina Silvas_png.png

Martina Silvas

Cashion Has Heart and Community Leader

Sam Sarkendo_png.png

Sam Sarkendo

Small Business Owner, Legislative District 22

Lorenzo Sierra

Like the rest of our community, Lorenzo has pride in Legislative District 22. That pride stems from our shared values, a commitment to hard work and our families. Join Lorenzo as he continues making our community and Arizona a place where families, culture, and opportunities thrive.


Make your voice heard! Register to vote, confirm your voter registration, or volunteer. 

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