Access to Affordable Healthcare

Lorenzo knows that access to affordable, quality healthcare is key to our community’s success. That’s why he is proud to work with community groups and healthcare providers to expand health services to members of our community who would otherwise be unable to access or afford care. And as a leader in the community, he worked to bring Cancer Treatment Centers of America to the West Valley, providing world-class medical care to individuals and families fighting cancer.


Lorenzo’s commitment to affordable, quality healthcare is personal. Lorenzo’s mom lost access to her healthcare coverage. As a result, she lost her life to a curable form of cancer because she did not see a doctor until it was too late. Just a few years later, Lorenzo supported his wife through her own battle with cancer and knows the difference quality healthcare made in her recovery.


Lorenzo knows how important it is for every individual and family to have access to quality healthcare in our community. He is committed to keep up the fight for healthy, strong communities at the Arizona State House.